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The Mission


 The Communications Institute (TCI) is a nonprofit 501.3C organization which serves as an objective and reliable resource for citizens, policy makers, business and community leaders and journalists. Working with its partners, the Institute has played a vital role in raising the level of communication of critical information in society through its educational symposiums, workshops, DVD productions and online resources  


Pictured to the left: Energy Forum of Arizona state leaders cosponsored by Arizona State University & TCI.

Pictured Above: Terrorism Risk Conference held in the United States Capitol with US Office of Homeland Security, RAND, Wharton Business School, University of Southern California, and Congressional Quarterly.




 TCI was founded in 2003 by scholars and leaders from research and academic institutions with extensive background in public policy research, the legislative process, law, and journalism. TCI staff and consultants have more than 45 years’ .experience in conducting educational programs in economics, science, engineering, law, and communications attended by more than 75,000 leaders and journalists in the United States and Europe.  Leaders and/or scholars from the RAND Corporation, Caltech, the University of Southern California, Dartmouth, and Harvard University were instrumental in the formation of the Institute  in Los Angeles.

Pictured on right: Workers Compensation Forurm sponsored by TCI, The RAND Corporation, University of California, and Workers Compensation Commission

Pictured below : Health Care Conference at UC Berkeley cosponsored by RAND, Stanford Medical School, UC Berkeley School of Public Health, USC, UCLA and Fresno State.


The Record


 The Communications Institute has now operated for nearly 15 years and has been remarkably successful in developing highly credible partnerships with academic institutions and programs that users view as an extremely useful. Literally thousands of leaders from the public and private sector and journalists from throughout the nation were reached through its programs and research.  

Programs have included:

  • Disaster Preparedness – In the wake of the 911 Tragedy and Hurricane Katrina, TCI was retained by the University of Pennsylvania/Wharton Business School to convene a national forum held in the US Capitol on how to improve public response to disasters.  
  • Workers Compensation – TCI in co-sponsorship with the RAND Corporation, the USC Law School, and the Commission on Workers Compensation conducted a forum on workers compensation held on the USC Campus which contributed to the overhaul of the system.  
  • Energy Policy – Three difference studies were sponsored by TCI including Powering California, Powering Arizona, and Economic Study of the Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing in California.  
  • Governing Arizona – TCI with Arizona State University conducted an in-depth study on the  governance and fiscal policy of Arizona chaired o a bipartisan basis by two Arizona statewide  leaders who both had served as Presidents of the Arizona State Senate.  
  • Immigration Policy – Cosponsored three conference and three studies on immigration policy featuring national leaders including the co-author of United States Immigration Law, Simpson  Mazolli.   


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